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You've been wanting to start an Instagram business account but aren't sure where to begin.

You aren't happy with your brand or aesthetic. How do people make their profile look so attractive?!

You've started your Instagram business account, but find yourself only posting here and there because you don't really  have a strategy.

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This course is for you if:

You feel clueless when it comes to building an engaged audience.

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You want to learn how to attract clients through Instagram. 

You're confused about the different features on Instagram and how to best use them to grow your business.

My name is Kristen. I am a Social Media Strategist who specializes in Instagram. I have been running social media for years, both when I was in corporate marketing and also as a solopreneur for service providers, coaches, and course creators.

I always loved Instagram when I was in my corporate job but really fell in love with it when I began using it for my own business. My very first client FOUND ME through Instagram just about 3-4 weeks after I created my account! How could I not love it?

Instagram has consistently brought hot leads to my DMs (inbox), and they have always been easy to book because they have already been able to dig through my Instagram page and gather just about everything they need to know in order to want to work with me. But that took strategy on my part.

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Now, I am teaching you what I have been teaching in my strategy sessions and giving you an inside look at what has worked for me and my clients!

here's a look inside

Getting started

module one

Lesson 1: Should you open a new account or use an existing one?
Lesson 2: Creating a clear and strategic bio
Lesson 3: Making Instagram your "mini website"

Get an engaged audience

module two

Lesson 1: How to grow your following 
Lesson 2: When is the best time to engage?
Lesson 3: How to boost your engagement

feed posts

module three

Lesson 1: Creating engaging captions
Lesson 2: My favorite tool for creating graphics
Lesson 3: Using bold text and emojis
Lesson 4: Scheduling your content

Branding your account

module four

Lesson 1: How to create a mood board
Lesson 2: Highlight Covers
Lesson 3: Images & the Grid

module five

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instagram features (quick lessons)

Lesson 1: instagram Stories
Lesson 2: Instagram Reels (Part 1)
Lesson 3: Instagram Reels (Part 2)
Lesson 4: Going Live

plus, you get my hashtag vault as a bonus!

Includes training on how to use hashtags strategically to get your content in front of more eyes!

What students are saying...

 I'm so excited to teach you how to achieve success on Instagram!

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