You want to get your business in front of a new audience (and one that trusts the podcast host who will be interviewing you, which means they trust you much faster!).

You've only been on a handful of podcasts, but you want to increase that number. Or, maybe you've NEVER been on one at all, and you want to start!

You are confident in your skills and experience and want to share that with others.

Yes, that's me!

the strategic email template kit that will help you get on podcasts you love as a guest speaker

You hate writing, and fear that it will show when you try to work up an email on your own.

You have been hesitant about pitching to podcast hosts because you don't know what information they need.

This is for you if...

My name is Kristen. I create content for coaches, course creators, and other personal brands. I meet a lot of business owners who have amazing skills, but they have trouble figuring out a way to strategically relay what they have to offer.

Being a podcast host myself, I have received my fair share of podcast pitches, and I know what will get me to read the whole pitch (or say... "eh, next.").

I have also written podcast pitches for clients in the past, so I know what works and what information a podcast host needs.

I love writing, and it's so fun for me to write for my clients knowing that I am using my skills to help them with something they either don't enjoy or don't have the time for!

Sounds great, show me the template!

What you will get

Body of Email template

A downloadable Google doc so you can copy and paste what's written into the body of your email(s).

training videos

Strategically outlined, and formatted so that the podcast host will be more likely to read the infomation.

You'll learn you how to customize the templates to make them align with your business.

I keep the training short, sweet, and easy to understand so you can quickly get started! You will be on your way to your next podcast interview in no-time!

I teach you how to gather information you need about the podcast host, so the pitch feels personable, not canned.

pdf pitch deck template

Editable in Canva (don't worry, there's a training video to show you how, and you can use the free version of Canva!)

This is a nice visual you can attach to your email to add an extra professional element. This is all about standing out against your competition so you can get booked!